Looking a Way to Really Connect with Your Grimoire?


Often times we can have a really hard time getting started with creating a grimoire.

There's a ton of how-tos, what you should and shouldn't record.

Often times the information is conflicting.

This in turn paralyzes you from ever actually spending time writing down what you really love about your Witchcraft practice.


Our Grimoire Journal and Calendar was created to help you truly connect with your Book of Shadows work and Grimoire work.


With our digital printable PDF, you can have a guided journaling practice to help you really get started on your Grimoire.

Hi I'm Beth Burch, from Cauldron and Brew!

My personal journey with writing in a grimoire started in my 20s.

While I loved to read anything and everything I could get my hands on about Witchcraft, I found myself forgetting so many things!

This led to frustration in my 'Craft because I knew I did a spell. I knew what I believed. I knew how I felt about so many topics.

It just wasn't in a consolidated form. Even worse? I rarely spent a lot of time connecting with my path's progress.

I found that once I had weekly practice of visiting with my Grimoire or Book of Shadows, it became a cornerstone to my Witchcraft growth. I could now look back a record of patterns and see where I've grown.

I could now visit my Grimoire fondly, like an old friend, instead of an obstacle to tackle.

Items in this PDF:

  • 3 Different Calendar looks for you to choose from
  • 52+ Journaling prompts to use throughout the year
  • Intention Setting Worksheet - to help you really nail down your moon cycles
  • Goal setting and Daily Gratitude Page
  • Planetary Retrograde List

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