The Master Your Witchcraft Skills Program is designed to help you build your confidence in working with your energy and crafting spells that feel aligned with you.

Each week's content will have lessons, exercises, and even some homework to help you build your understanding of how your magick and energy works.

This is not a Wicca course or even a religious course.

It is my firm belief that Witchcraft is personal power practice that can be used with or without the theology of your choosing.

In this course, you’ll not only learn the principles of magic and energy but you’ll build a solid base of knowledge and skills when you are ready to begin using spells in your day to day life.

This course goes over, in detail, several basic and advanced skills when working with energy to produce a magickal outcome.

This course also goes over various magic paths and spells so you can confidently self-initiate as a Witch.

DISCLAIMER: It is my ethical duty to tell you that no outcome is guaranteed with spellwork, tools, etc. Even I can’t always measure why some of my spellwork and energy didn’t manifest as I wanted. We are dealing with the ethereal and esoteric after all. 

However, energy work is very real and you'll see real results with the work you put into this course.

Tell me if this sounds amazing:
  • You intentionally and easily write and perform your own spells.
  • You know exactly what Law of the Universe to utilize to best get your results.
  • You can confidently claim your power as a witch and know what path you are pursuing.

In this course we are going to explore the various pathways of the witch.

This will help guide you onto the path that calls to your intuition and leads to a more fulfilling practice.

Hi, I’m Beth Burch!

​I am an Earth-centric, spiritually accepting, witchy human who encourages personal spiritual growth through group activities, inner child play, and music.​

I love talking about esoteric woo-woo things and I'm so glad you are here!

I wanted to create a space for Witches and spiritual explorers to learn and master their skills.

Whether that's Tarot or Energy Work, this is a sacred space of knowledge and learning.

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